Custom Maps


The Dane County Land Information Office and the Department of Planning and Development can create custom maps that can be printed out or exported to PDF.

Dane County GIS data catalog

The cost to develop a custom map is $60/hour + tax (We will be able to give you an estimate of the time before we start). If you requested a PDF output we will send via email. If you would like the map printed out the charge would be $2.50/sq foot. See a list of our map sizes below:

Map Size Cost
8.5 x 11 $2.50
11 x 17 $5
17 x 22 $7.50
24 x 36 $15
36 x 48 $30

Contact us to order a custom map

  (608) 266-4398

Please be ready to provide information while ordering:

  • PDF or printed map
  • Map size
  • Scale (optional)
  • Title and/or subtitle
  • GIS data layers
  • Location
  • Mail or pick up at our office

Data Extract

Our office will also be able to clip our parcel data and provide a csv or dbf file of the parcel attributes. Contact us for more information.

To aquire GIS data please visit our GIS Data Order Wizard.

Mailing Labels

Our new Public Notification tool allows users to identify properties within a given distance (buffer) of a subject property or roadway, within a school district, or adjacent to a lake. Users will also be able to manualy select these properties. The output options are labels in pdf format or a csv download to be imported to Excel. The Public Notification tool is only for AccessDane subscribers. View a description of the AccessDane enhanced services. Click here to create an AccessDane account.