Fly Dane

Fly Dane is a regional partnership that allows local agencies to pool their resources for periodic updates of orthophotography, elevation, and planimetric data.


Project Description


The Fly Dane 2017 is under way. Ayres Associates has been seleected as the vendor and partner for this project. Data acquisition will begin in later March into April 2017.

Fly Dane 2017 Project

The 2017 project will acquire updated aerial imagery and terrain data for all of Dane County.


  • Develop 6-inch resolution, 4-band, color imagery
  • FGDC compliant metadata


  • Acquire a new county-wide LiDAR based terrrain model
  • Meets Quality Level 2 specifications with a nominal point spacing of 0.7 meter
  • Classified LAS point cloud
  • Derivative bare earth and first return terrain surfaces
  • Derivative contour smoothing, cartographically pleasing 1-foot contours
  • Derivative 2-D, countywide forest canopy polygon dataset
  • FGDC compliant metadata

Partner Buy-ups

  • Provided contract flexibility for partners to select enhanced products
    • 3-inch resolution, 4-band color imagery
    • Planimetrics - edge of curb, edge of pavement, back of sidewalk, etc.
  • No enhanced products were requested by partners

The Fly Dane Partnership is open and ongoing. New partners are welcome to join. If you're interested in more information or on becoming a member please contact Fred Iausly