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Dane County Land Information Office develops and maintains digital geographic and land information systems for government agencies. It also maintains mapping and data services for citizens and businesses

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  New 2017 1-foot contours

August 8, 2018

An upgrade to DCiMap has been released which includes the new 2017 contours. The intervals are broken down into 100ft, 20ft, 10ft, 5ft, 2ft, and 1ft (at different scales)

The new contours are also available to order on our GIS data order form

  Introducing DaneVote

June 27, 2018

A new web mapping application is now available to provide Dane County users with election and school district information. DaneVote is split into four different tabs:

  • Legislative District Boundaries. This tab allows you to find districts or name of representatives for state senate, state assembly, county supervisors, and aldermanic districts as well as ward boundaries
  • My Elected Representatives. Enter an address or parcel number to view your elected representatives
  • Find Your Polling Place. Locate on map or search for an address or parcel number to find where your polling place is located
  • School Districts. Displays school district boundaries and the ability to search by district name

DaneVote can be accessed through our Apps and Maps Gallery or directly at DaneVote.

  2017 Aerial Photography is now available

November 2, 2017

The Fly Dane 2017 aerial photography is available to view in DCiMap and available for data requests by visiting our GIS Data Order Wizard.

  DCiMap has been upgraded to Version 3.1

November 1, 2017

A major upgrade to DCiMap has been released which resolved some bugs and added new features. See below for more details

  • Added 2017 Imagery
  • Upgraded the Draw widget. Drawings can now be edited (individually) and exported and imported. Text can also be added.
  • 'Plat Unknown' will no longer show as a plat name in the city of Madison. Some City of Madison plat names will appear instead.
  • Added a GoTo XY widget which finds and zooms to a user-inputted coordinate.
  • Changed the parent categories in the Layer List widget to be shaded which helps to visually distinguish between categories and data layers
  • Fixed plat labels to distinguish between Lots and Outlots and changed the precision of acre labels to 1
  • Added Square Feet to the attributes returned in the pop-up window when Identifying or clicking on a parcel
  • Added Road Names
  • Fixed printing to print to scale
  • Changed the Scale text on the pdf printouts to show feet instead of miles
  • Changed the Scale bar to show feet instead of miles and kilometers

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